Electronic Word of Mouth


PicMy name is Joseph Dowdy.

I help people do what they love for a living. It is a real blessing to call this my job: helping people.

I served my country in the Marine Corps as a broadcast journalist and had a role in Operation Desert Storm as a combat correspondent.

Upon leaving service and armed with skills in television video production and other media talents learned at DINFOS (Broadcast Journalism School now known as Defense Media Activity), I went to work for Don Brown Productions in Orange, CA, (now known as Digital 2000). While working for them, I made training videos for Toyota, GTE and other corporate titans.

Because I have always enjoyed teaching, I took my training skills to the now-defunct CompUSA chain of stores in Los Angeles and taught Windows, Mac OS and Microsoft Office as well as advanced level database creation and administration.

Not long after, I took work on a help desk to troubleshoot and to teach users how to get their computers working again for the likes of Metropolitan Water District, Farmers Insurance and a few divisions of Edison International including Southern California Edison. At this point, I was making a nice six-figure salary doing high-end work and I was on top of the world!

2001 saw the exporting of those high-paying tech jobs overseas and so I turned my attention to applying my software and analytic skills to Google AdWords and Internet marketing. While working with a friend of mine, Radomir Samardzic, who became very successful with his book The Relationship Saver, I studied how he managed to get his book out into the world and made a living working from home.

With my training experience, techie skills, video skills and newly-developed Internet marketing experience, I started working more and more from home. I went to work for the Small Business Development Center at Santa Monica College where I taught and also consulted with clients through the SBDC and also produced an interactive audio-visual presentation that is still online today.

2009 was a great year for me to take what I had learned, move up to Santa Barbara County wine country and work for myself rather than punch a clock or work for an agency. I took my skills to companies such as Bragg Live Foods, Inc., where I was able to set up their entire social media platform and blog. I was referred by Patricia Bragg to help Dan Poynter, the self-publishing guru, and we launched his Global eBook Awards program which I presided over as program director in its inaugural year; I designed and ran the website which allowed people to enter, maintain their own book page and also handled all the judging. Dan referred me to other clients while I continued to run Google AdWords for Bragg and also for other referrals. I started building a nice list of annually-renewing clients and that brings us to today.

I have over 75 active clients who renew their services each year and I offer all these services as my own consulting agency called MeshMarketer offering Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo pay-per-click services, Electronic Word of Mouth is my web hosting and website design firm and my coaching/consulting/training site is Self-Expression Marketing.

I am in the midst of completing an e-learning contract for one of the America’s largest employers (over 1 million) and am ready to launch my new line of service at the new Beachhead Communications website dedicated to e-learning consulting and LMS hosting.

If you have read this far, then I hope that I can help you to do what you love for a living, just as I am doing! Contact me!

Joseph Dowdy
Santa Barbara County