It is VITALLY important for you to experience this problem yourself. This is not just so that you understand the problem but also so that you can verify that the problem is actually resolved. Make sure that you HAVE seen the problem yourself before continuing. The problem CANNOT be resolved unless you experience it yourself. Collect whatever information you can until you are able to experience yourself and then return here to continue. You can't just take complaints from people visiting yourself that "It doesn't work" unless you see the problem yourself. How do you know if the problem is not with their Internet connection, with their wireless router, with their computer, etc.? You can only verify the problem exists if you can see it on your own computer.
If you have not cleared your cache, then you must rule out that the problem isn't with your browser cache. You can only verify the problem exists if it still exists after you have cleared your cache. This does not mean clearing your browser history or other things. If you don't know exactly how to clear your cache and not something else, click here to learn how to clear cache for your browser.
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