Risk-free site design;
Absolutely no money down.

Your site built in just 3 days.
Again: no money down.

Love it? It's only $1499

Want to add E-Commerce?
We can add that, too!
PayPal added for FREE.
Add Stripe for $500.
Add WooCommerce for $1,000.

Hate it? Don't pay a thing.

SAVE tons of time
and thousands of dollars!

WordPress Done Right!

Why no

It’s a perfectly good question. Back in 2001 when we were just starting out, we did offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. But one time, and it was just this one time that required a major rethink of offering a money-back guarantee, we had a customer who loved the site and referred customers and yet still asked for a refund on the 30th day. This made such a generous policy, despite the best intentions behind it, to be simply unworkable. And so we did away with charging money up front at all.

When customers see their website and pay for it only if they want the site, there has never been a customer who has inquired about a refund. This is truly the best way to start a business partnership of this type.

This is really an audition. We’re going to see how well you can communicate your vision for your site before we any design starts.

If you can communicate what you want and I can come close to giving you what you want, then the audition is a success. From that point, you’ll know if this is a good fit. If not, then we’ll go our separate ways and you won’t have paid anything for the audition.

Why just 3 days?

Mobile-responsive, state-of-the-art and ready to represent you 24/7

Your website is like a virtual salesperson working 24/7. You want people to see your site on mobile phones, you want it to have all the bells and whistles and you want it to be up all the time.

This is understood. You’ll have access to over $2,000 worth of plugins to make your site “whistle Dixie” if you want it to or ring like a bell in the mind of your site visitor. These tools are included in the cost of hosting after you approve the site.

fall in love with our features

full support 24/7

If your site should ever stop working, just shoot us a message and we'll go to work and find out what's going on and resolve it ASAP.

Real time stats

Your site will be connected to Google Analytics and optimized with Google Search Console. Several "background" tasks will be done for you.

Shopping Cart Ready

We are ready to help you get set up with Woo Commerce or PayPal shopping carts. Some shopping carts are not compatible, so ask!


You need a newsletter if you plan to make money with your site. It's a must. We recommend the free version of Mailchimp if you are new to this.

It's WordPress

Nearly 3 out of 10 websites are WordPress because it's easy to use. You'll get free training in how to use it an even a "Tweak a Week" done for you free.

Multilingual & translatable

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