Why I Recommend AGAINST Using SiteGround

Why I Recommend Against Using SiteGround! What’s SiteGround? For a while, I was using SiteGround to host my WordPress sites after it was recommended to me by someone I trust who later apologized for making the recommendation! In the world of website hosting, there are SO many options, so it’s best to take a recommendation […]

Fight SpamBots with CleanTalk

This is my unabashed endorsement for the best tool to use against comment spam and also those pesky spambots who like to use my contact form and send me weird nonsensical comments in foreign languages from email addresses in foreign countries. That tool is CleanTalk. It really wasn’t that hard to find something to fight […]

Newsletter Subscription Options

There are probably hundreds of options when it comes to having a method of subscribing visitors to your mailing list (which you can then use to directly market your wares to those visitors). I do not believe it’s possible to emphasize the importance of having newsletter subscription options for your site. After all, if you […]

Mailchimp Bans MLMers and Affiliate Marketers

Mailchimp Ban? The truth is that they just don’t want a bunch of people who receive your emails to mark them as spam.

Facebook Will Ban You for Doing Business on Your Timeline

It’s no joke. Facebook will ban you for doing business on your timeline. Here are their exact words on the matter:

“You will not use your personal timeline primarily for your own commercial gain, and will use a Facebook Page for such purposes.” —Facebook Legal Page

You Will ALWAYS Need a Website

Don’t be alarmed if you see a message from someone you respect saying that you don’t need a website any longer! I’m sorry but Google and keyboards and mice aren’t going away any time soon!

What To Do If You Hate the Website You Just Paid To Have Built

You know it can happen! You’ve hired someone to build your website and already paid them because that’s the “industry standard” to pay up front; but you HATE the website!

It’s Not the Blog That Makes You Famous

Heresy! Treason! I can hear it now from my WordPress hosting clients. How can I say that it’s not the blog that makes you famous? Isn’t it the blog that leads to blogging success? Why do I sell hosting and talk about WordPress and social media and how they lead to sales and then say, […]

Using Elance to Get Your Site Built

Is it a good idea to have someone from Elance build your website? Maybe not. Here are some thoughts on that…

Newest Beachbody Sidebar Ads

[youtube]http://youtu.be/3oosvxfsL9k[/youtube] Here are the latest set of widgets below. (Watch the video above to update these.) LATEST BEACHBODY VERTICAL ADS (right-click to Save) ALL BEACHBODY VERTICAL ADS  (right-click to Save)