What does managed WordPress web hosting cost with Electronic Word of Mouth?

Maybe a better question is what does it save you?


No matter what you do, if you have a blog (even a free one), you’re going to need help. How much is that help worth to you? What would you spend each month to have someone there who will upgrade your plugins and fix any errors that crop up? How would you feel if you lost several hours of your time learning to do just one thing that you will never ever have to do in your whole life? Do you think you won’t ever have any problems that will make you want to pull out your hair? Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone a Facebook message away to handle those things that are just outside of your comfort level or things you don’t have time to learn? Don’t you want someone to handle the DNS, daily backups, plugin selection, theme problems and all the numerous unforeseen issues that will come up?


You may have a WordPress blog hosted free with WordPress, but did you know that you can’t run an MLM business or use whatever plugins and themes you want?

Or maybe you found something cheap with Bluehost (let’s hope not) and you think you’ve got your hosting handled?

That’s nice that you are saving money on hosting.

Have you been to a successful website lately? All those things that it can do aren’t free.

Want to collect emails for newsletters or ask questions using forms? How about scheduling site visitors with your calendar? Live chat? Social media functionality?

There are plugins to do this for you which run several hundred dollars each month. Yes there are free options out there for most things but for every free plugin there is an unknown amount of time before you will get help if you need it. Premium plugins come with support (a real live human being who will answer questions in a few hours typically) but the free ones are just “bulletin board” posts which may not get answered for days or even months.

The same goes for a free theme. If something goes wrong, you may NEVER get the help you need because there is no concern on the part of the theme developer if you get hacked. You get what you pay for and they know it; free isn’t safe. People who make free themes do it so that they can show off their work. But where does that leave you if your theme is never updated?


If you are the kind of person who can teach yourself everything and you feel you can find whatever you need easily, then that’s great because you will really love the ever-growing library of training provided for free to anyone who visits this site. Everything from building your business to getting ranked higher on Google and even writers’ block.

There is always some new video or program being made for people who visit this site, so take advantage of it here!


Some people pay thousands of dollars to have a custom site made for them. This is no joking matter. For the price of a used car, some people will have a WordPress site built for them and they don’t realize they could have it built for them for free right here without paying a dime up front.

If you love the site then you can host it right here. If not then you can look elsewhere, but you’ll be amazed at how rewarding it is to ask for a great site to be built and it’s done for you in just a few days—made by someone who really cares about your success. You’ll want to tell all your friends, right?

I’m so convinced you will love what I do for you that you will host with me and it’s a wager I place every time that I start a site for someone. Either fully custom from scratch or using a pre-made theme and customized from there, it’s your site and it should look how you want it to look before you spend a dime!


It should be obvious that all these things would cost you a lot each month. What is it all worth to you?

When you figure in the cost of hosting, training, licenses, maintenance/backups, customization of your site (either from scratch or from template), you are talking thousands of dollars each year! Included with your service here is the use of all the plugins from WPMUdev and that will run you over $500 per year! The level of hosting you will get here costs about $200 each month! Your savings here are tremendous because I have purchased developer licenses for everything and can pass the savings on to you.

By taking the total cost of all these things for all of my customers and then figuring out different plans that use the most of my time, some of my time and the least amount of my time, I have created several plans ranging from $50/month, a little more than $33/month and then down to a little more than $16.50 each month—all on annual or semi-annual plans.