To All Current and Future Clients of

As 2018 approaches, you will want to know that awesome changes are afoot for website design and hosting services provided by EWOM.

The good news is that all of these great features you currently enjoy are not going away!!

no risk site design!

Web design with no-money-down and the tried-and-true love-or-leave-it satisfaction guarantee:

Buy it if you love it or leave it if you don't (FREE!).


Another thing that has not change is the "tweak-a-week" which allows you to request a minor change to your site or a blog post each week including SEO for each post. Just send the post and it'll be done (once a week).

awesome support 24/7

If your site should ever stop working, just shoot us a message and we'll go to work and find out what's going on and resolve it ASAP.

and now onto new features!!

now offering stripe!

PayPal is one of those things that everyone uses, but there are other options out there and one of those is Stripe! You can offer your site visitors to pay using Stripe or you can pay for your hosting with Stripe!

CDN to speed you up!

With our new hosting at Flywheel, they offer integrated CDN support to provide fast page loading anywhere in the country or globe!

Google loves faster sites and this will give you a leg up with them! It's only $10/mo. or $100/yr. extra (and this is what Flywheel charges everyone).

monthly payments

In 2018, we will be moving to a monthly payment service in addition to annual. If you choose to do so, it will cost more but it will give you a choice: monthly or annual.

This might make it easier or more convenient to add CDN to service as a monthly fee but you can't have both monthly and annual.

There are two super-important changes coming…

One of them affects my non-Divi customers (and that’s most of you!). This has to do with the theme I designed for you using Headway. That company has essentially folded and they are no longer maintaining security on their software (most of the sites I have designed), so if you are using Headway, I will make a new site for you for free using my new favorites Astra and Elementor. You will love Elementor because it is an easy-to-use theme tweaker that wasn’t as complicated or dangerous to use as Headway. Also it has some cool built-in effects like you saw above. Again, I will redesign your site for free based on your current design and that is if you are using Headway. Gratis!

The other major and final change affects everyone and it involves 2018 new rates. We have offered hosting at $299/yr. for some time and that’s been fine but we are now using the best hosting ever, higher security and offering more services. And so it is time to raise prices to keep up with the increased value you receive.

If you want to avoid the price hike and also get your website redesign done sooner than later, I will accept payment early for $299. This will put you at the top of the list for a free site redesign. This offer stands until the end of the Thanksgiving weekend (November 26, 2017).

You will need to fill out the following form and state your intentions for keeping your service in 2018 based on your input. Thank you for your support and I hope to see all of you with Electronic Word of Mouth’s full-service no-risk website design and state-of-the-art WordPress hosting in 2019.

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