Private information such as credit card purchase data is not retained on this website, but is processed by PayPal (or WePay) and processed via secure gateway as most online shopping is done. As a result, your information is just as safe with MeshMarketer as it is with Amazon or iTunes.


“Don’t Pay a Dime Until You Love It” policy is a risk-free warranty that you will love your website before you pay for it. You will not have to pay anything until you say you love your site!

Although rarely an issue, but worth mentioning: Before work starts, all graphics, text, logos and headers (content) is required up front. If something is not provided then placeholder graphics or text may be used for site completion and approval. In order to say that you love the site, you will have to look beyond the fact that those missing items are missing and see if you love the site knowing that, as is the case throughout the hosting period, that you can always replace/change/fix/resize whatever you wish.


Sites may not be redesigned between hosting periods. You should feel that your site is


To avoid the possibility of a situation where a customer asks for a refund, you will not pay a dime until it is to your satisfaction in 72 hours.

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