My name is Joseph Dowdy.

I help people do what they love for a living. It is a real blessing to call this my job: helping people.

I served my country in the Marine Corps as a broadcast journalist and combat correspondent during Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. I loved my time serving and I learned how to give my best to every bit of work because it was always expected.

Upon leaving service and armed with skills in television video production and other media talents learned at DINFOS (Broadcast Journalism School now known as Defense Media Activity), I went to work for Don Brown Productions in Orange, CA, (now known as Digital 2000). While working for them, I made training videos for Toyota, GTE (now Verizon) and other corporate titans.

Because I have always enjoyed teaching, I took my training skills to the CompUSA chain of stores in Los Angeles and taught Windows, Mac OS and Microsoft Office as well as advanced level database creation and administration.

Not long after, I took work on a help desk to troubleshoot and to teach users how to get their computers working again for the likes of Metropolitan Water District, Farmers Insurance and a few divisions of Edison International including Southern California Edison. At this point, I was making a nice six-figure salary doing high-end work and I was on top of the world!

2001 saw the exporting of those high-paying tech jobs overseas and so I turned my attention to applying my software and analytic skills to Google AdWords and Internet marketing. While working with a friend of mine, Radomir Samardzic, who became very successful with his book The Relationship Saver, I studied how he managed to get his book out into the world and made a living working from home.

With my training experience, techie skills, video skills and newly-developed Internet marketing experience, I started working more and more from home. I went to work for the Small Business Development Center at Santa Monica College where I taught and also consulted with clients through the SBDC and also produced an interactive audio-visual presentation that is still online today.

2009 was a great year for me to take what I had learned, move up to Santa Barbara County wine country and work for myself rather than punch a clock or work for an agency. I took my skills to companies such as Bragg Live Foods, Inc., where I was able to set up their entire social media platform and blog. I was referred by Patricia Bragg to help Dan Poynter, the self-publishing guru, and we launched his Global eBook Awards program which I presided over as program director in its inaugural year; I designed and ran the website which allowed people to enter, maintain their own book page and also handled all the judging. Dan referred me to other clients while I continued to run Google AdWords for Bragg and also for other referrals. I started building a nice list of annually-renewing clients and that brings us to today.

I have over 75 active clients who renew their services each year and I offer all these services as my own consulting agency called MeshMarketer offering Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo pay-per-click services, Electronic Word of Mouth is my web hosting and website design firm and my coaching/consulting/training site is Self-Expression Marketing.

I am in the midst of completing an e-learning contract for one of the America’s largest employers (over 1 million) and am ready to launch my new line of service at the new Beachhead Communications website dedicated to e-learning consulting and LMS hosting.

If you have read this far, then I hope that I can help you to do what you love for a living, just as I am doing! Contact me!

Joseph Dowdy
Santa Barbara County