If you are looking for SEO Services and you are a customer of Electronic Word of Mouth, then you are in luck!SEO Services

Effective immediately, Electronic Word of Mouth is now offering SEO Services for customers at the rate of $99 per keyword; you are also guaranteed to be on the first page of Google search engine results or you get your money back (in the form of an in-store coupon which is also transferable) so you have nothing to lose.

It’s important to contrast this from other SEO Agency efforts for many reasons. The first reason is that SEO Agencies do not focus on single keywords and that is why they charge thousands instead of hundreds for the typical 5-keyword campaign. The second is that you should be wary of any agency that offers you guarantees, placement on the top spot of Google’s first page and you should also be wary of any agency that offers black hat SEO techniques (which provide short term gains but can get you banned from Google’s search engine results altogether).

I encourage you to watch this presentation to get a better idea of what the SEO services market is really like out there and why this is different and how it is the same.


Please use the order form below to get started. To get things started, I will be offering a 2-for-1 promotion where you get a second keyword free after the first month of service if you place your order before close of business on September 15th, 2014. Let’s rock!

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