Heresy! Treason!

I can hear it now from my WordPress hosting clients. How can I say that it’s not the blog that makes you famous? Isn’t it the blog that leads to blogging success? Why do I sell hosting and talk about WordPress and social media and how they lead to sales and then say, “It’s not the blog that makes you famous.”?

Quite simply, the blog has nothing to do with it.

Of course, the blog can STOP you from having success. If someone goes to your site and they can’t find what they want or the site is really slow, then it’s certainly the blog, right? Google spends a LOT of time figuring out how to identify sites who have shortcomings in the technical arena and penalizing sites that are hard to navigate and don’t load quickly; and then they give those “policies” cute names to them like Panda and Penguin so that you know exactly what dragged your search results down lower.

But if it’s not the blog, then what is it? If it’s not my awesome Facebook page or group, then what is it?

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time and I think I’ve found it all along to be the case. Let me give you an example to see if you can come to the same conclusion.

Let’s say that you are the top salesperson at your company. What is the reason for your success? Is it your phone? Is it your computer? Is it your car? Is it your charming smile? Is it your clothes? If it’s not those things, then what is it?

Let’s look at this another way for you artsy folks. What if you are the next great American performing artist like a singer or rock star? Is it your retro phone? Is it your Mac? Is it your choice of transportation? Is it your wacky clothes and hair or your willingness to show up at events wearing a meat suit? Is it your lack of sharp-dress style? What makes you the next great American _______________ (Idol, President, Genius, Rocker, etc.)?

OK, so let’s just say it’s not the tools you use to do things like talk to people or communicate or get work done or how you get around or your stuff.

If it’s not the tools, then it’s not the blog. It’s not your phone or your car. Of course, having a car that doesn’t run or a phone that is out of order is going to hinder you, but it’s not the means by which you do something. It’s HOW you do it. It’s HOW it impacts others. It’s the QUALITY of what you do. Is it engaging? Is it interesting? Is it boring or hot? Is it exciting or not?

Don’t blog just to blog. Blog because you are tapped into something that moves you or inspires you.

Blog when you are excited about information that made a difference for you.

This morning I read a really great blog post by a guy who was fired from Facebook (he runs the very successful site AppSumo by the way) and he said something that felt like he was validating what I have been sensing for some time. He said, “The BEST way to get famous is make amazing stuff. That’s it. Not blogging, networking, etc.

So, in short, I try to sum up what you should be doing rather than focusing on blogging to make you famous. Do something that people talk about. That will make you famous; it’s all that ever has. And, of course, there are times when writing a blog can make you famous, but it’s not for the blog itself–it’s because people talked about what you wrote.

Go ahead and blog, but don’t do it just to do it. Blog because you want to share your experience. Blog because you make a difference.

Blog about what people will talk about.