This is my unabashed endorsement for the best tool to use against comment spam and also those pesky spambots who like to use my contact form and send me weird nonsensical comments in foreign languages from email addresses in foreign countries. That tool is CleanTalk.

It really wasn’t that hard to find something to fight spam. After all, the Akismet plugin does a great job, but when it comes to someone using my contact form using my Formidable Pro plugin, I wasn’t able to find anything that would do both.

I really tried a lot of solutions. I had even used a Captcha plugin that works with Formidable Pro for a while but it eventually great to be so huge that it started slowing my website down.

I wanted something that didn’t require a Captcha, helped with my contact form problem and would also fight spambots in general and this was the solution.

By the way, this is a paid plugin and I don’t have an affiliate link to use, so you can either go to CleanTalk-dot-org or use this regular link to go there: or you can access it through the WordPress plugin directory under the plugin name “Spam Protection by CleanTalk (no Captcha Anti-Spam).”

You may wonder if this is totally free or not and while it is free, the premium version, which you will want to try for one month free by Tweeting about them or liking their Facebook page or getting three months free by blogging about them (ahem). You just send them a support ticket with the URL to your tweet/like/post and they will credit you quickly. Early today I sent a link to them and they credited me less than 15 minutes later (hey I can’t guarantee it will always be THAT fast, but it did happen that way this time).

I have been using their plugin for over a year and I pay them monthly for it and I can tell you that every time that I inadvertently let it lapse (it’s tied to my PayPal card so I don’t always have spare change in there), that I start getting spambot action and it’s NOT FUNNY.

CleanTalk Screenshot
Seriously, this is NOT FUNNY.