At Electronic Word of Mouth, our hosting service includes many premium plugins and one of the most important is an online form generator. There are quite a few choices for online form generators that work with WordPress, but two of the most popular are also ones that I have personal experience using. In fact, I was a big fan of one of them and found their customer support to be so lacking that I decided to look for an alternative. It didn’t take long and I found one that not only had infinitely better customer service, but also was vastly less expensive. So, without further delay, here is my Formidable Pro Gravity Forms comparison.

Formidable Pro Gravity Forms Comparison


First, let me just say that when I started using online forms that I found one that was very easy-to-use and that was Gravity Forms. At the time, I had done some research and found that they were pretty much the only serious game in town for professional WordPress forms. After a year, I had learned the ins-and-outs of how to use it and had got so comfortable with it that when it came time to renew, I wasn’t out looking for an alternative.

I discovered at that time that there were updates to the forms that I would not receive without renewing. That meant to me that I might be vulnerable to hackers or there would be some compatibility issues and so I was nervous but I waited to renew because it was expensive to keep it going each year.

Then the unthinkable happened. Suddenly, all of my forms on all of my sites stopped working. This can happen with WordPress so I wasn’t panicked too much. I already knew that by letting my subscription expire that I would not get any support, so I figured it was time to renew.

I paid up my fees and did the update but that didn’t fix the problem. Then I started to get worried. I found that I could get priority support if I paid more money, so I did. And then the worst part happened. I was told that the problem was not due to Gravity Forms. I provided compelling proof that they were wrong about that, but I kept getting a hand in the face and no replies to my emails which I paid for them to read and respond.

So I posted in the forums the problem I was getting was that my paid priority email support wasn’t working and asked who I should contact and that’s when they kicked me out of the forums and refunded my money without any warning. It’s unfortunate that some people just can’t handle the truth. The haters operate in the shadows it seems.

Now here I was with all my data in these old forms and no way to make use of it unless I manually copied/pasted it and was going out of my mind. They tried to teach me a lesson to argue with them, so I decided to see if maybe they were right.

I looked for another forms program and found Formidable Pro. It turns out that they launched not long after Gravity Forms and so at the time they just didn’t have the same level of exposure.

I loaded up their plugin for free to see if it would work on my site (you can’t do that with Gravity Forms) and found that it worked with no problems. My claim that the problem was with Gravity Forms looked like it was true especially since the Gravity Forms people didn’t tell me specifically what I needed to do to fix things on my end. They really had the worst customer support and lack of compassion I have ever seen from a “professional” company.

And so began my love of Formidable Pro which does NOT require that you pay money each year for updates. They do ask you pay for support after the first year, but only if you need it and it’s a small fee in comparison to how much the forum support costs with Gravity Forms.

If you want to try Formidable Pro for free, click at the link. You can use it for free if you are one of my hosting customers by the way!