Know How To Get Ranked Higher on Google

Everyone wants to be number one on Google search results, right? If you have competitors for that coveted spot, are you willing to compete and do more than they are doing? Even if you’re not, you certainly can get ranked higher on Google than on the second page if you just know what you can and cannot do. I’ve put together a PowerPoint presentation and also a video showing you what you need to get ranked higher on Google.

I think it’s important for people to have an understanding of the process and how overly complicated that people make it. While it’s not an easy thing to do considering how many people want to be the top search result for one particular search keyword, it’s not hard to do the things that only you can do. Google relies on people who visit your site to tell them if your site is relevant to the search; this means you need to get everything as right as possible on your end before you can then leave it to visitors to clue Google into how relevant you are.

Get Ranked Higher on Google

The Two-Minute Presentation!

[slideshare id=15488340&doc=howtogetranked-121204130200-phpapp01]

The 40-Minute Video!

If there aren’t too many people out there competing for the same search results as you, it’s not unreasonable to get on the first page of search results.

You may not know this, but one of the biggest factors (and one that you have the least control over) is how many people link to your page and your site.

Here is a graphic which shows you how the value of each link influences your PageRank. The smiley faces are represented in terms of size with higher traffic (visitors) being bigger. The number of arrows represents the number of links to the site. There is a balance of value between more links and links from sites with more traffic. If you want to get ranked higher on Google then watch the video and get an idea of how you can increase your number of links and to make them count.