Why I Recommend Against Using SiteGround!

What's SiteGround?

For a while, I was using SiteGround to host my WordPress sites after it was recommended to me by someone I trust who later apologized for making the recommendation!

In the world of website hosting, there are SO many options, so it’s best to take a recommendation from someone who has similar needs as you to see if they feel it’s a good fit for them.

Why is that?

You should not pick your webhost lightly

There are plenty of webhosts out there that will migrate your site or sites for you and those are great ones to use to help take the headache out of moving.

But even so, with a company helping you to move to them by doing most of the heavy lifting, it’s still not necessarily going to be easier to leave them.
The truth is that you may find this new webhost to do a great job only to find out down the road that they are far worse than you could have imagined and that’s what happened to me with SiteGround.

This is probably WHY SiteGround is a bad deal...

Ever heard how it is that you can boil a frog in a pot and they won't jump out?

SiteGround knows that once they’ve got you on their webhost that if your performance goes from great to not-so-great or worse that they can always promise you better if you just pay more and that’s what they did with me. My sites were loading slower and they told me it was my fault that I had used up too much disk space. Hmmm.

Why didn't they just tell me to clear off disk space and my performance would improve?

This is the "Gotcha!"

They kept insisting that the problem was I had too many files and I had to pay for more space and I thought, “Well, I should be able to just remove a bunch of old gigantic video files and that should speed things up.”

Boy, was I wrong! Not only did my speed not increase, but things seemed even slower. How would it be possible for the slowness I was experiencing to not get better if I deleted half my space allotment if that was causing the slowness?

They were lying!

Then I did something really crazy...

They wanted more, so I decided to see if I could pay less...

I called them complaining about the speed again and told them I wanted a less-expensive plan and they said, “No. You would have to start over as a new customer.”

They told me it couldn’t be done. I couldn’t just simply switch to a lower plan without starting a new account like I could with other hosts just by dragging a little slider and rebooting their server and no other changes needed. I didn’t give up and eventually they agreed to put me on a smaller plan.

I falsely believed they care about customer service.

They agreed to let me switch to a smaller plan and pay less, but then...

I waited for this process I had gone through many times before where they move all my files over to a new server and keep all the same settings. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that they had other plans and didn’t tell me until my customers started complaining.

SiteGround Completely EFFED up my customers!

The phone calls started coming in from customers that their sites were offline...

I couldn’t understand what was going on. It was as if these sites of mine that I was providing for my customers had simply vanished. I called SiteGround and they said, “Oh yeah, we’re migrating your sites.” and I was like, “Well, why can’t I see them.” They said, “Just wait till we’re done and you’ll see them.” I believed them.

While I would like to believe it could have got worse, this was really as bad as it got. My customer’s sites were down (the ones they were paying me to provide) and I couldn’t find them, so I called them again. They told me I was looking in the wrong place. They told me they were at a new address!!

SiteGround had changed all the IP addresses of all my customer sites and didn't bother to tell me until after almost all of my customers were complaining.

I had to offer refunds to keep my customers.

So on one computer, I was adjusting the DNS settings for each of my customers on different domain name providers. On the other, I was chatting with each about the refunds I could offer them if they didn’t find a new hosting provider.

I moved all my sites immediately and ever since I have warned people away from SiteGround!