If you are a fitness coach of any kind, you may see a popular social media cheerleader proclaiming that you do not need a website. Wow. Now that is something to grab your attention completely if you spend money on a website now or if you are thinking about getting one.

She claims you “don’t have to spend thousands of dollars website.” She shows a picture of how happy her CFO hubby is now that they no longer have to have a website that costs thousands.

OK, don’t get me wrong. I know what she is doing and I don’t agree with a few things, but I greatly respect her (enough to not need to call her out by name) because she offers quality training and is an authentic leader in her field of fitness. And she’s a great entrepreneur! I think she’s AMAZING!

So please note that I do need to say to what I disagree and why I disagree because I want my customers and anyone reading this to have the opinion of someone who is keenly focused on what does work rather than to believe advise that could create a major setback by getting rid of your website (this social media cheerleader still has her website up and running by the way).

First of all, NO website should cost thousands (unless your website requires a shopping cart with advanced features such as POS integration). But if you can get away with just using PayPal (unless you are that 1-out-of-a-billion website that needs it and I don’t even need that!), this idea of a website costing thousands is scary hyperbole. Why? Because I offer fully-custom websites including hosting and managed WordPress for just $599 (and I have about 100 customers). Let’s not get fooled into thinking that websites cost thousands; I could build the social media cheerleader’s next website for $599 and it will do EXACTLY the same thing as her website that supposedly costs thousands.

I have no intention of being disrespectful here because she’s really awesome in MANY ways but it’s hard when she says, “No one walks around with their desktop or laptop in their back pocket. They’re on their phone.” True enough, but most people don’t actually do any real work on something that lacks a keyboard and a mouse. No one who punches a clock does all their work on a tablet or phone. Computers won’t be going away until we can do away completely with mice and keyboards. Have you ever written a blog post like this one on a phone? I don’t agree that a majority of people who need your (yes, you) product or service are completely free of the shackles of a home computer or a workstation! I agree with the idea that the amount of time people spend on their phones is growing but she is saying in essence that blogging is dead and so is SEO and Google search and everything that’s not social media. Wow! So NOT TRUE!

Here’s what you probably already know: Every website is going “mobile-responsive” which means that you can see the website differently on a smaller screen than how it looks on a home computer or workstation. Websites look more like apps that way and it’s all the rage.

And here’s another fact you probably know: You will still need to have a website for people to find you on Google or Bing or Yahoo! or wherever. There is no better way to reach millions of people since Facebook limits the number of “friends” to 5,000 anyway. And forget using Facebook to search for a solution to a problem (meaning you, your product or your service). The search capabilities of Facebook and Twitter are just horrible while Google still dominates even though they haven’t struck gold with their social media efforts.

And here’s another fact. Every “social media platform” out there IS a website. What would it be like if you could turn your website into your own social media network!? Where would like-minded people and your friends go if you had your own social media network centered around your product or service? Believe it or not, that is where I am heading with THIS website. In the near future, when you visit, you can join my own social site for free and get my freemium for joining! If you would like an invite to my social media network, let me know in comments below!